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Our Services

How it Works
24/7 Concierge

Before we start working for you, you have had a conversation with your concierge on the phone who has gained a basic understanding of what you need. The concierge will be available 24/7 for as long as we serve you.

The Housekeeper

The next step is meeting with the Housekeeper, the person who will be responsible for the quality of service you receive. He should understand in detail your preferences and your home. He along with the concierge should individually train every helper who enters your home, every time. He will be there for you in the moments when you have a problem with the people helping you in your home. He is the person who is responsible for replacements, replacements and new hires.


Only through personal recommendations
The service is by recommendation only, which means that before we start working for you, we are already part of your inner circle. It means we are people you can trust and know what to expect. Similarly, it is only through personal recommendations that we hire the people who are our helpers. We care very much about you and your property!

Safe House_Concierge.png

To be honest, we’ve never tried to offer a service. Home help, there is no way to standardise, although we try our best to optimise our work. Home help means that we become part of your family. Which requires that we talk and understand your needs and wishes. And we will always be at your disposal to receive requests and recommendations.Our goal is to constantly learn and improve so that we can provide excellent service. 

The Service

This is not a service, we are already part of your family and daily life. We will try to make your life nicer, and save you more time for yourself and those you love.

It is All About You!

Our Services

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