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Our Team
Dedicated to pairing our clients with the very best candidates

Mitka Kuzmanova started the service solo a quarter of a century ago! Quickly, her cleaning work became so in demand that she was forced to resort to hiring helpers. Mitka is still the primary engine of the company and in helping customers and staff.


In 2012 Mitka was joined by Iliyan Kuzmanov. Her son returned from Montreal, Canada, when she needed help because of personal issues. 

At that moment, the side-by-side service became something completely different, a family and social business with the sole purpose of helping. Not only help to the clients but also with the profit to realize good deeds and help thousand of people in need. Iliyan, is currently the most successful Bulgarian writer, as well as an activist journalist who fights many causes.

In 2019, a new chapter opens at The Help London, Borislava Georgieva joins. She is from Bulgaria, a victim of domestic violence, a person Iliyan not only helps but together they created the Art Angel Foundation with major impact in Bulgaria. 


She became not only Ilian’s partner in all his social endeavours but also an important part of Domestic Help London, which evolved into a Community Interested Company - Art Angel International.

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